Power99 FM: A Responsible & People-centered Media Outlet

Power99 is people-centered media outlet that believes in preservation and respects for varied culture, languages and traditions, in this way it tries to institute non-violent society and diversified Pakistan.  Following the democratic and participatory approach to development and change, Power99 believes that all development and change should be democratic so that people should own it.

As Compared with public relations, Power99’s Behavior Change Communication (BCC) & advocacy is more focused on pro-people policy goals for a dynamic social change to make a difference!  Our effective and result-laden media campaigns use a more decentralized, community based, and community sensitive BCC models tested around the world!   Power99’s communication policy focuses on the social forces that shape collective behavior and policy—rather than personal behavior. Our goal is to ensure attaining a more sweeping and lasting behavioral change in society at large.


Guiding Principles

Our targeted and lucidly crafted broadcasts, news and entrainment stuff is produced and tailored in the light of these guiding principles:

  • Carving out a truly democratic mindset and realization that sovereignty rests with the people!
  • Apart from big stories, people’s concerns are more valued and are of more meaningful for us!
  • Media should not work as mind-slaving machine. Therefore Power99 is a liberating media that empowers thought and opinion!
  • Power99 goes beyond power-serving myths and analogies for the real empowerment of the people!


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